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Holy Ship, Indeed
david tennant
 Hey. I'm not dead. I've just been busy/wasting time a lot lately. I haven't had anything interesting to post about lately, and I still don't, but I'm posting anyway. I don't even have a meme to pretend like I have a reason.

-I talk about my essay and my art project - I don't know what to think.
-I talk about Takin' Over the Asylum and The Road to El Dorado. From my time machine, apparently.

First, I handed in my essay on Tuesday. It was a bit longer than it was technically supposed to be, but I hope I don't get docked marks for it. I feel like if I had more time to dedicate to it, and I could write a longer paper, I would have been able to really get into it the way I wanted. But I still managed to make my point, and I learned a bit, which is *gasp* the point of school, yes? Maybe?
As for the Art project...that Star Trek thing was not working out very well at all and it was just getting overly complicated, so last Thursday morning before heading to class I grabbed some neon orange yarn and an orange highlighter and brought them to class with me. My BFF gave me some bright orange, green, and yellow balls of yarn for X-mas, and they are the exact colours of a set of highlighters I have. So, as a last-minute idea, I decided to knit some highlighters.

Which is apparently the most brilliant idea I've ever had, according to my prof and the people in my class and the random person who apparently saw them sitting in the technician's office and wanted to buy one, and I was told I could sell them at Art Metropole and become famous. Uhhh...thanks guys. Saying stuff like that just makes me feel more fail, but whatever.

And now, I watched Takin' Over the Asylum yesterday, which is a show from 1994 and I thought that meant it would be laughably bad (in the same vein as Men of the World which I watched only for John Simm) and I was only watching because David Tennant was in it. But it turns out that it is actually pretty good. Like, Leah and I would even watch this show if it was on now and no one from Doctor Who had anything to do with it. Being set in, well, a mental hospital, it had a risk of being, um, insensitive about the characters, but it's not too bad. It's obviously not perfect ("Oh, Glasgow!" and "Oh, the Nineties!" we laugh, as if that excuses everything) but it's enjoyable to watch, and a big part of that is David Tennant. And that isn't just because he's "Superstar David Tennant" - you can tell he's become "Superstar David Tennant" because he's SO GOOD. And I think his hair in this deserves a BAFTA or whatever awards they have over there, because it is EPIC. Yeah, I don't talk about important stuff like the content of the show or anything, just the HAIR. Oh, and of course homoerotic subtext which I insert into everything like I was Arthur or something. Though Leah and I have a tendency to ship ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Like Campbell/Fergus, or (my personal favourite) Cambell/desk/Fergus. They really like that desk. 

And speaking of ships - OMG I FINALLY SAW ROAD TO EL DORADO OMG! And we totally ship Tulio/gold, for realz. He loves that gold. But, more importantly, the movie was hilarious and I liked the animation and the drug trips and, oh yeah, THE GAY. Which makes the whole Chel and Tulio thing make absolutely no sense. I would have much preferred if she (a) had a personality/had some character development, and (b) wasn't just a prop/plot device and used to inject some compulsory heterosexuality to the movie. Especially considering how non-heterosexual Tulio and Miguel seemed to be for the entire movie, even when Tulio was "having his hair ruffled" by Chel or whatever they were doing horizontally behind the piles of gold  that caused his hair to be so ruffled. Anyway, I felt it was possible for Chel to, you know, still be a part of the story without just being a talking prop, but whatever...I'm used to it. Still, her relationship with Tulio in no way made me believe that Miguel and Tulio weren't a couple. I mean, they are "partners" after all. And I like that it's still really clear in the movie, even if "The Man" did try to "de-gay" it a little. It's not even homoerotic subtext anymore, it's just text. With a *nudge nudge wink wink* sort of thing. Like the hallucinogenic drug trips/musical numbers. It's obvious what's really going on. Which makes me absurdly happy. Enough to overlook the sexism and the enthnocentrism and--okay, not really enough to overlook those things, but to laugh at them in a belittling way and not write a rage post about them, because if I did that, I would have to do that for every movie ever holy balls! 

Man, I should really think about what I'm going to write before I start writing. IDEK, guys. Sorry. Um. I'll try to do something fan-ish...soon...maybe? Ugh. Failure boat.

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I totally, totally agree with you about The Road to El Dorado. I watched it the other night as well and...yeah. <3 Theee gayest. I almost started making a list of how many times they got naked together but then Chel showed up and ruined it.

Even after she shows up, they still get naked together. And she has to leave. XD

Well, Leah tells me it was originally written that they were gay, but then "The Man" decided that wasn't appropriate or whatever bullcrap, but it still manages to come across very gay.

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