...But it was only in her mind.

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Quick Update
AD: taste the happy
I'm not dead, just...I don't know, I've been busy with school and stuff, and I've been afraid to come back to LJ because I feel like I'm required to catch up on EVERYTHING even though that is ridiculous. Whatever.

I'm working on making some icons, and they will mostly be Doctor Who, Matt Smith, and Karen Gillan, because I am SO OBSESSED right now.

A little sneak preview:

And, um, I watched  Victory of the Daleks 3 times today already.
And, um, I have a favour to ask of anyone who can make gifs:
Could someone please make me a gif of when Amy leans over and whispers, "Hey, Paisley," to Bracewell. I will love you forever if you do. <3

Okay, hope y'all are doing well, and I will try to mostly catch up soon, and post some *useful* stuff like icons...and eventually finish episode 4 of Camelot CVI (sheesh!) and I have some half-started fanvids to complete and post... ALMOST SUMMERTIME, BBS!

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Thanks! I'm hoping to keep up with stuff better this summer (because as of yet, I don't have a job...whoops) but I think there's no way to catch up, because I've been pretty much away from LJ for over 3 weeks (basically since I got Tumblr...heh...)

Glad you like the new series, icons sooooon! :D

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