...But it was only in her mind.

[Don't wake me up unless it's an] EMERGENCY
lancelot, thanks (sarcastic), gwen/lancelot
 Uhhh...IDK why I felt compelled to use a song lyric as a title for this post, except that the band (Crush Luther) did a livechat on stickam last night, and they played "Emergency" which they NEVER DO because they always say they'll mess it up or that it needs three guitar-players or something, but they finally caved and played it last night and I was nearly in tears because I flipping love that song, and none of this is important or relevant right now...

Anyway, this is an EMERGENCY* guys!   *Not really

I've been working on my Star Trek video project, and I realized it was just too...boring and unfocused. So I decided to maybe just use one clip that appears in lots of videos and just make a video of just that. One clip over and over, to different songs, different adjustments, different contexts. Whatever, I don't really get Art, I just bullsheesh it. So... the clip I am thinking of using is when Uhura kicks Kirk out of her room, because it seems to be a popular one for videos. I find it amusing because it's supposed to be all "She is tough and independent, arrr!" but she's in her underwear... I want to believe that the "male gaze" is outdated, but it's really, really not.
I mean, yes, okay, Kirk is also in his underwear, and yes, okay, it shows how she is not ashamed of her body and she's not embarrassed about it and she can still be kickass when in a "vulnerable" position, but in the context of this film, I cannot believe that is really the reason. I just like how this clip exemplifies the idea that, if you have a strong, intelligent woman in a film, she still has to be sexually objectified, by the male protagonist and/or the viewer. WHATEVER, this is not my essay, doesn't really matter.

The point is --> I need fanvids that use this clip specifically! I'm not saying go out and hunt some down for me (unless you're really really bored) but if you happen to be watching any in your spare time anyway and see one with that clip, just send me a linky link or something. 


On a separate note: If you happen to like Crush Luther and want them to play IN YOUR LIVING ROOM, you can do zat!

"She's a lesbian. She went to a lesbian party." "Typical."
film-making, paul king
safetytardis title has nothing to do with this post; I just watched Eagle Vs Shark tonight.

This is just an update on my projects and stuff. Because I have nothing fun to post.

In which backtrack but then cover my ass LIKE A PROCollapse )

In which I rethink a few basic principlesCollapse )

In which my Canadian accent is oddly pronounced and I sing poorly about silly thingsCollapse )

And yeah, that's it. If I finish one or both of these projects before the end of the week, I might write some new fic/craaaaack for those of you who, you know, expect that of me and have no interest in how boring my life is. We shall see.

Rec: "The Pitch" by Mark Lewis
merlin: FTW
 So, Canadian-born, UK-based filmmaker/video artist, Mark Lewis, is MY NEW FAVOURITE PERSON.

The Pitch is what caused to me fall in love with his work. In this video, he is presenting a film pitch to make a film just about extras (you know, the people in the background of movies - like Ricky Gervais' show, but not at all quite). It is a single shot of him that zooms out until you see all the people around him, the "extras" of the film. Also, his speech about the awesomeness of extras is fantastic.

I love extras. Every once in a while I like to stop and think about extras, or a particular extra will catch my attention in some way, and I start to think about their character, their life, the actor as a person, how they got into this, what's going through their head, their character's head, etc. Some of you may already be aware of my love of the two extras in my icon (and yes, I totally put a clip of them in my "King of Spain" video because they are just that cool!). I think they're from episode 2x02 of Merlin (but I could be mistaken). At any rate, they are kind of my favourite part of that whole episode - I love how the one is so enthusiastic, and the other's just like "Yay!" I TOTALLY SHIP IT. LOL. (We should give them names!)

Mark Lewis does some other cool stuff, for anyone interested in film/video/art, so check out his website. And if you are thinking that I am wasting my time looking at videos when I should be working on school stuff, I am actually doing a little presentation on him for class tomorrow (basically just showing a couple of his films).

Okay, so my question to you (for my own curiosity): Have you ever been an extra in a film (or TV show)? (Or in a film as not an extra?) Any kind of film. Student, low-budget, big-budget, workplace safety, whatever. I'm just interested to know.

Never the Twain Shall Meet
uhura, pretty good
I know this is supposed to be my fandom journal, not my "talk about real life stuff like school" journal, BUT... the next two weeks of my life are going to be consumed with a couple major school projects that interest me as a fangirl. Specifically as a filmmaking, feminist fangirl. (Try saying that five times fast!)

IKR! School and Fandom are coming together as One Beast! Alright, so last year I did projects on Richard Ayoade's music videos and on The Mighty Boosh, so this isn't exactly new for me, but SHHH!

These assignments are going to be EXTRA fun, though, because they will combine - as I alluded to already - film/television/media, representations of women in said media, and SCI-FI - specifically Doctor Who and Star Trek!

And now I am going to use my study-break time to (EPIC) ramble on about these two projects, because I'm so excited about them (and also this will help me organize my thoughts a little). Feel free to skip this. YOU HAVE YOUR OWN AGENCY OVER WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO READ OR NOT. USE IT! :D

1) Essay about Doctor Who, also I am a nitpicky bastard who likes to talk out of my ass
2) Art project using Star Trek XI fanvids - gonna be wicked cool

Now, if you read this and thought, "Boy, I sure would love to help out SafetyTARDIS, that wacky sonuvabitch, but I just don't know how!" then THIS IS HOW:

1) Do you know of any good blogs/blog entries of female viewers responding to Doctor Who (critically and intelligently would be nice, can be positive or negative) - even perhaps an entry you yourself have written, because I know I have some lovely, smart, feminist DW-fangirlswomen on my f-list! I KNOW YOU ARE THERE! I only ask because I'd like to include some firsthand opinions/experiences of female viewers, but it would be sort of icing on the cake, as I don't have enough time to fully go out and research that on top of the "scholarly" research I have to do. (Though I have already found GenderGoggles, which I am now in love with.)

2) Do you know of any good (or bad, doesn't really matter) Star Trek XI fanvids that include women? Or at least one woman. Even for a second. Obviously I will do a little bit of hunting on my own, I'm not going to make you do all my legwork, but considering that BOTH of these projects are due March 16th (SHEESH ME), I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. Perhaps you make STXI vids, and think it would be cool if my whole class saw a little snippet of it! IT WOULD BE, BB!

Hokay. I should go to bed now. I just spent like two hours on this post (I tried to organize my ideas clearly, which is difficult for me), but luckily I can use a lot of it as notes for my essay to show my prof tomorrow. Heh. Multitask'd!

On an unrelated note: WHO-FANS, I assume you have seen Matt Smith in this suit. Because it kind of wins everything.


Rec: Article - "Remix: The new DIY Cinema" + a wee random rant
bisexual guy
I just ran across this article which talks about different ways in which people "remix" video and share it online. Fanvids or "fannish vidding" is one that's mentioned, and it's nice to see that it's not just my inner feminist guilt causing me to think there is something subversive about making fanvids. Someone else thinks so too! Score!

I think this is what I love most about fandom: the ability to create and alter things within it. I don't have to simply watch a TV show and sit there and accept the narratives I am expected to read, smile, and then go about my day. I can look for alternate readings, and create videos, stories, art, even icons, to tell the story that isn't necessarily being told overtly. Film and television were once passive, one-way forms of communication, so I love how the Internet allows people to become active and interact with them in this way and share that with other people around the world.

And I think I'm about to get wanky, so here is a cut.Collapse )

That being said, I mostly do fic and vids and stuff for the cracky, cracky lulz. But that has a lot to do with not being very good, so I'd rather be intentionally bad. And I know that some slashfic exists not for the purpose of "NEEDS MOAR LGBT" or "I'm interested in exploring their relationship further than canon ever did" but is rather "PRETTY BOYS ARE PRETTY AND I DO NOT LIKE LADIES GETTING IN THE WAY OF MY FANDOM" which isn't really my thing, but whatever.

Going to shut up and keep researching for my essay.

Fic: B.A.N.A.N.A.S. [Doctor Who/Star Trek]
DW: lensflare
Title: B.A.N.A.N.A.S.
Author: safetytardis
Fandom: Doctor Who/Star Trek XI/Surprise Other Fandom
Characters/Pairings: Ten, Spock, a wee bit of Doctor/TARDIS (LOL)
Word Count: 3688
Rating: PG-13 for a little bit of language
Summary: When the TARDIS is unhappy, the Doctor had better do something about it.
Warnings: crack!, bananas, TARDIS-personification, completely made up crap
Spoilers: Nothing.
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who, Star Trek, or any of the characters involved in this. Except I guess I created the cashier. Sure, I'll claim her. She's thick.
A/N: I started writing this back in June or something and got about a thousand words in and stopped, so I finished it tonight. That is why it starts out alright and then gets suddenly really awful, and I had no idea where I was originally going with this, so I had to make something up. Clearly. Blame srevans for encouraging me. :P

The TARDIS was unhappy.Collapse )

Fic: Chapeau [Doctor Who]
john simm: brb evil
Title: Chapeau
Author: safetytardis
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Doctor/Master
Word Count: 193
Rating: G
Summary: The Master has a hat. The Doctor dislikes said hat. Hijinks ensue.
Warnings: crack!, nonsense, hats
Spoilers: Nothing.
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who or any of the characters. But I do own a fuzzy pink stetson.
A/N: I was bored, so Leah prompted me with that summary. I have no excuse. Also, why is the title in French? WE WILL NEVER KNOW.

What is that monstrosity?Collapse )

Fic: Look at This F***ing Hipster [Doctor Who]
look around you: beard
WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN! I couldn't go to bed until I wrote something, apparently, because I'm sick of never finishing anything. So this is quick and awful. As it should be.

Title: Look at This F***ing Hipster
Author: safetytardis
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Master
Word Count: 296
Rating: PG
Summary: The Doctor has a moustache. For irony.
Warnings: crack!, facial hair, somewhat unintentional OOC-ness, plaid, no real point, lots of facial hair, no actual slash :(
Spoilers: None. This can't fit into canon in any way, so I'm not even going to try.
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the characters. I also don't own Hipsters.
A/N: This is what happens when I read things too quickly – I saw a summary with the words "his" "chapter" and "Doctor/Master" in the same sentence, and my mind went: "HIPSTER!DOCTOR/MASTER?!?!" So then I had to make it. I'm so sorry.

'Plus it works well with that '$5 Moustache Rides' t-shirt you're wearing.'Collapse )

Meme: WIP it, WIP it good!
fotc: sugar lumps
OH LOOK A MEME. From captaincadet .

Post a sentence (or two) from as many of your WIPs as you want, with no explanation attached.
  • "Did you wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy?" Gwen said as seriously as she could without laughing – which she did anyway.

  • "They're not meant for a woman!" Simon argued. " effeminate man."

  • "He just turned green, right?" said McCoy, shocked. "He just suddenly went green and gooey and oozed away, that wasn't just me?"

  • (Bret:)"I guess that explains why you called us and not the fire department."
    (Murray:)"I did call them, actually. Dialed their number by accident. Had to put on a fake voice so they wouldn't think I had prank called them. We have a different emergency on our hands, alright? It's about the two of you."

  • "Women don't want a guy in a big pedo-truck, anyway. That's what I'm trying to tell you, Howard. They like smaller, eco-friendly cars."

  • He began frantically pushing buttons on one of the machines that was labelled with a piece of masking tape, 'Broken'.
    "I think that one's broken," I added in a feeble attempt to be helpful.

  • Kirk stared at the side of his friend's head for a few more moments, still unable to process this information. "So, you're on Alpha Centaurian crack, right? That's the only explanation."
  • "You're a Vulcan!" The Doctor exclaimed gleefully, a grin spreading widely across his face. "Brilliant!" This one is done now. Unfortunately.
  • "2009?" the man asked. "And this is Earth? Canada, specifically judging by your accent and the species of flora outside. Southern Ontario. But, no, this isn't right."
  • "Where were you this morning, Merlin? I had to get ready for training on my own. I could have you sacked for failing to perform your duties, you know– Well, I suppose if I was really going to sack you for failing to perform your duties, I could have done that any time, and– You're awfully quiet today, what's going on?"

barrowman!, nmtb
DAMMIT. My PB got maxed out, what with all my icon posts and gif-mania this month. And it won't reset until THE 14TH?!?! BAH!

I really need to organize myself, to have separate accounts so this doesn't happen. Anyway, now you'll know why my old posts will be full of those annoying maxed out things for a couple weeks. SADFACE.

PS. I think I need a "KHAAAAAAAAN!" Icon for these occasions. This will have to do though.


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